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Andra Day Remembers Dropping 40 Kilos and Ravenous Herself on Set to Remodel Into Billie Vacation – E! On-line

Andra Day was prepared to go to nice lengths for her portrayal of Billie Vacation.

The rising star, who skilled widespread success from her 2015 single “Rise Up,” was tapped to play the long-lasting jazz singer within the upcoming biopic, America vs. Billie Vacation

In her W Journal interview, which printed on Feb. 23, the 36-year-old singer revealed what she underwent to bodily remodel into the late legend. 

“I did some pretty extreme things for the character,” she confessed. “There was the drastic weight loss—I wanted to have a body that looked like that period in time. Starving myself made me very weak on set and slowed me down in a way that really helped with the scenes with heroin. Then I started smoking cigarettes; it made me feel like Billie. I’m very fast, and she’s like molasses. Smoking helped to drop me into those dark places.”

 She additionally elaborated on the load loss, noting, “I was originally 163 when I started. I got down to 124. I don’t necessarily recommend but to me, I didn’t want my body to look like a gym body of 2020 or 2019 at the time. For me, it was important having a period body.”


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