A Quiet Place Day One (2024) cast, Plot, trailer, review, film Summary, and release date

A Quiet Place Day One

In “A Quiet Place Day One,” the much-expected prequel to the critically acclaimed horror movie “A Quiet Place,” filmmaker John Krasinski transports viewers to the start of the post-apocalyptic nightmare. The movie, which is set in a world where lethal animals hunt by sound, aims to investigate the past of the silent horror that has engulfed mankind. Let’s examine the talented actors who are bringing this frightening story to life.

The casting for this movie is mentioned below.

Main Cast

Emily BluntEvelyn AbbottA fully resourced and fiercely protective mother is striving to keep her child and whole family safe.
Cillian MurphyEmmettAn enigmatic survivor with a turbulent past reluctantly.
Noah JupeMarcus AbbottThe risks associated with the post-apocalyptic world.
Millicent SimmondsRegan AbbottThe deaf daughter of Evelyn is incredibly resilient and determined.
Djimon HounsouUnknownWhat exactly Hounsou will play as a new member of the cast is unknown at this time.

Supporting Cast

Wayne DuvallUnknownThe mystery surrounding “A Quiet Place Day One” has been increased by the lack of information about Duvall’s involvement in the movie.
Okieriete OnaodowanUnknownOnaodowan’s character is still unknown, despite his fame from his stage and film roles.
Melissa DisneyUnknownFans who are eager to learn the secrets of “A Quiet Place Day One” will be even more excited about the movie because of Disney’s involvement.

Director and Crew

DirectorJohn Krasinski
ScreenwritersJohn Krasinski, Scott Beck, and Bryan Woods
ProducersMichael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller
ComposerMarco Beltrami
Plot Synopsis

“A Quiet Place Day One” chronicles the Abbott family’s battle to survive in a world where even the smallest sound may result in lethal predators, during the early stages of the alien invasion. They come across Emmett, another survivor who might be the key to their survival, as they look for protection and a place to stay. Together, they must find the roots of the terrifying animals that pose a danger to humankind’s extinction while negotiating the perilous terrain of a silent world.

A Quiet Place Day One (2024) trailer

Release Date of “A Quiet Place Day One” (2024)

Few movies have captivated audiences in the horror genre like “A Quiet Place.” “A Quiet Place Day One,” the much-anticipated prequel, is about to transport viewers back in time to the start of the postapocalyptic horror. Let’s get started exploring the specifics of when fans might anticipate experiencing the dread directly as they eagerly await the release of this spine-tingling story.

Release Details

Release DateRegionPlatformNotes
June 28, 2024United StatesTheaters, Streaming (TBD)Simultaneous with the film’s theatrical release is a streaming release; the platform specifics will be disclosed nearer to the date of release.
June 28, 2024United KingdomTheatersUK audiences can catch the film in cinemas starting March 22nd.
June 27, 2024AustraliaTheatersAustralian fans can mark their calendars for March 24th to experience the terror of “A Quiet Place Day One” on the big screen.
June 28, 2024FranceTheaterFrench audiences can expect the film to hit theaters on March 28th.
June 26, 2024BelgiumTheaterBelgium’s audience will enjoy the movie in various locations.
June 27, 2024NorwayTheaterVarious cinemas in Norway released this movie.
June 28, 2024IndiaTheaterVarious cinemas in India released this movie like Mumbai, Maharashtra, Hyderabad, etc.
June 27, 2024BrazilTheaterTheaters in Brazil will release this at various points.
June 27, 2024ArgentinaTheaterTheaters in Argentina will release this at various points in the country.

Plot Synopsis

“A Quiet Place Day One” is a film that takes place in the early stages of the alien invasion and investigates the start of the horrific creatures who have wiped out humankind. The Abbott family’s fight to survive in a society where keeping quiet is essential is the subject of the film. They learn the dark mysteries of the alien threat and the full magnitude of the danger they confront as they come to find individuals who survived and negotiate the perils of a silent world.

Director’s Vision

John Krasinski, the director, expressed his enthusiasm for revisiting the “A Quiet Place” universe in search of unknown tales of the end of the globe. With “A Quiet Place Day One,” Krasinski hopes to delve into the animals’ mythology in more detail while maintaining the exciting suspense and poignant atmosphere that helped the initial film into a critical and economic hit.

Release Channels and Cinemas for “A Quiet Place Day One” (2024)

Fans worldwide have questions about where they might feel the terror of this much-awaited prequel as “A Quiet Place Day One” draws closer. The channels and theaters where the movie will be shown are broken up here:

United States

TheatersAMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas, and CinemarkCheck local listings for showtimes and ticket availability.
Streaming (TBD)TBDStay tuned for updates on streaming platforms offering the film.

United Kingdom

TheatersOdeon Cinemas, Vue Cinemas, CineworldReserve your seats in advance for the ultimate cinematic experience.


TheatersHoyts Cinemas, Event Cinemas and Village CinemasExperience the terror on the big screen at your nearest cinema.


TheatersGaumont, Pathé and UGC Ciné CitéCheck local listings for screenings and ticket availability.

Additional Notes

  • International release dates and channels may vary. Check local listings for specific details and availability Some cinemas.

  • may offer special screenings or events in conjunction with the film’s release. Keep an eye out for announcements from your local theater.

  • For streaming availability in the United States, stay tuned for updates on which platforms will offer “A Quiet Place Day One.”

Unveiling the Secrets: Summary of “A Quiet Place Day One” (2024)

“A Quiet Place Day One,” the much-awaited prequel to the critically acclaimed horror flick “A Quiet Place,” attempts to transport viewers to the start of the post-apocalyptic nightmare with a gripping storyline. Under the direction of John Krasinski, the movie provides a terrifying examination of the beginnings of the silent fear that has engulfed civilization. Let’s examine the specifics of this chilling story.

Plot Summary:

Title: A Quiet Place Day One
Release Year: 2024
Director: John Krasinski
Genre: Horror, Thriller
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Fans have an abundance of choices when it involves watching “A Quiet Place Day One” in movie theaters or on streaming services, with the film sure to terrify fans everywhere. There are plenty of ways to accompany the Abbott household on their terrifying journey through quiet and survival, regardless of whether you like the immersive experience on a huge screen or the ease of streaming at home. Horror enthusiasts are getting more and more eager about “A Quiet Place Day One” as the release date approaches. They can’t wait to return to the horrific realm of silence and survival.

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